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Healthy teeth are undoubtedly a big asset of a beauty and their esthetic appearance is what most of us is after.
Regardless of maintaining proper hygiene of the mouth, teeth can be affected by various kinds of defects ,
having an impact on an overall appearance.
Discoloration of teeth is the most common problem - and smokers, tea , coffee and red wine lovers are the most
Discoloration may be caused by a general health condition,  medication taken as well as personal properties.
Another issues are : excessive spaces between teeth (diastema), improper shapes ,and small deformations, especially
on the labial , visible side of a tooth.
Additional drawback is an uneven tissue, especially when overgrown and overlaps the tooth.
Each of imperfectness mentioned above can be effectively reduced by recognized methods.
Removal of residue as well as discoloration stained with food is usually executed by sanding - a stream with a mixture 
of stomatologic sand and water under the pressure.
As for discoloration - good results can be achieved by bleaching - whitening technique that uses highly concentrated
components burning the residue.
Another technique ( that can be used for some other treatments, too) is a veneer preparation.
  • porcelain (a plaque with microscopic thickness cemented on labial surface of the tooth)- this method permits to fill in cavities in tissue. It also enhances endurance and occludes the spaces between teeth.
  • composite(change of shape, size, colour and texture of the labial surface of tooth.)
To perform the composite veneers we use product called Enamel Plus HRi.
This system was created in cooperation with Stomatologist dr. Lorenzo Vinnini and Master Dental Technician Daniel Rondoni.
It fuses both the aesthetic of ceramic restorations and its endurance in time.
Enamel Plus HRi is the only material that has the same light refraction index as a natural enamel; optically homogenous.
Due to this fact the transition between fillings and the surface of tooth is invisible and never gets grey in colour.
It also has a natural opalescent colours patterning after human hues.
The research over that formula has been taken up under special patronage of EU.
In recent time  more and more popular becomes teeth decoration  with gems, so called dentine jewellery (bijou) 
This method is very secure, sustainable ,and - what is important- reversible

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